You will never want to keep your fingers under the knife at the time of five finger fillet game. The Knife Game, Five Finger Fillet, is played by placing your hand palm down on the table then stabbing the space between your spread fingers with a knife, back and forth until you quit or stab yourself. It's the kind of game typically played by the really drunk, really high or really reckless because their state of mind makes losing a finger seem like an equal trade off for looking cool.
here in this video, the guy, Irfon Automation isn't playing to look cool and  he is using Five Finger Fillet to demonstrate the Staubli TX40 robot's incredible speed, precision and programming. He is so confident to the robot  that will stay on point he's willing to risk losing a finger to prove it. You can see the robot is keeping the knife in some certain points randomly. Actually amazing!

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