Piranha need little introduction as they are a popular subject in movies and on TV.  Their ferocious reputation is somewhat warranted.  They have a nasty set of sharp teeth that can inflict a serious bite, and when they are taken out of the water their eyes often turn red and they sometimes emit a distinct growling sound. 
If you really want to catch Piranha you only need bait. No need for anything fancy here. Here in this video, you can see the man is using a tricky way to catch these piranhas that is actually amazing. The unidentified man was filmed as she balanced on a small plank dunking raw meat into the water below.

As she removes the bait, several fish are seen attached to it with their sharp teeth dug in. He then shakes them off into a box - which fills within a matter of minutes thanks to his nifty but high-risk technique. That is actually a mind blowing method.

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