There are many way of catching fish and you may use to catch your favorite fishes. But there is no one in this world who has caught fishes like this man. This man catches fish using the most innovative way that is very rare in this world.
An angler claims to have caught a fish on his manh**d after swimming naked in a Russian river. The video purports to show the macho fisherman emerging from the water with a grayling attached to his p*nis. A Russian man and his pal must have had one hell of a day at the river recently, as a video of them that is making the rounds on the Internet begins with one of them butt-ass nak*d and presumably telling his bro behind the camera that he’s about to use his d*ck as fishing tackle.

Despite a warning from his buddy that his decision to swim in the buff could bring about some nasty consequences, the crazy bastard says that he’s “not afraid of them” and then disappears in the water for just a few seconds before popping up with a grayling on his pecker.

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