When a man dies, sorrows know no bounds. But what happens when make this a issue for making prank? One will never expect such thing that a dead man suddenly comes out from the coffin. When a dead man suddenly walks out from the coffin, first people will think that he or she is nothing but a ghost.
A security worker got an unexpected surprise when he opened a casket. This man is nothing but a talkative who always try to show others that he is a brave man and he has no fear of ghosts. He was having a slow day at work, one of his coworkers decided to play a prank on him and hide in a casket. They made a plan to teach him a good lesson. According to their plan, his co-worker  entered into the coffin and stay there.

When he opened the casket, the coworker hiding inside screamed, sending the unsuspecting man running out of the room screaming while everyone else laughed. Actually he wasn’t prepared for what was in store for him. It revealed his brave.

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