Male and female are the strange two creation of the world. They can involve anytime in their love and the moment they don't care any place or state. Making love in the car is a part of life in countries. Young people generally  think that the car is their safe place for making love.
The video shows, a motorist is having s*x with his female passenger while driving his Htundai at 45mph on a highway in Moscow.  Their intimate moment was captured from another car on the road and posted on the Mash public group on a major Russian social network. The man was driving his Hyundai  while being attentive to his partner at the same time.

They were in emotional mood that time but luckily, they didn't break any traffic rule in the video - but it could not be ascertained if they later broke any as the woman who wasn't wearing a seat-belt appeared to have blocked the driver's view.

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