An elevator is a transport device used to move goods or people vertically. We can see elevators in the tall building for moving goods and people. One of the biggest obstacles for tall buildings was the problem of transporting people to the upper floors. Because of elevators, humankind has been able to create taller buildings. With elevators, that problem has been solved. It is a capsule like device that is separate from the building. People use this for reaching the rooms of the tall buildings. When the door is closed of the lift, it becomes a safe place for doing the secret things.
Here in this video, you can see a lift that is carrying people for reaching their desire place. But some people are taking the chance of this best time for finishing their semi-sexual work in it. These people did not care the hidden camera of the lift or they did not know about it. Two lesbian girls started kissing in the elevator that is very interesting because they took the chance of the secret place. Another two girls are busy for measuring their boobs. May be they are going to join a party where their boy friends are waiting for them. They need tempted look of their boobs. Another couple started to making love. Actually Amazing!

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