We all know snakes aren’t evil but a lot of people find them incredibly creepy. Thanks to their tongues, teeth and legless bodies, serpents are often portrayed as villains in bad Sci-fy movies and novels featuring nose-less wizards. True, snakes keep the rodent population under control, but due to eerie facts like these, plenty of people still think they’re awfully freaky. Don’t try to make annoyed any venomous snake like this video.

Here in this video, the man saw the most venomous snake of the world under some date trees. The size of this king cobra is not usual than the other king cobras that are usually seen in the tropical countries. This stupid man tried to catch this venomous snake with his bare hands. It seemed to me that this man is not a professional like a snake charmer. When he holds the tail of the snake, it did not show any anger to the man. But after long time it started to shows its aggressive mood to the man. This poor man compel to leave the tail of the snake. You should think twice if you want to catch any venomous snake.

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