You can imagine what can happen if you keep different things under a hydraulic pressure. But can you think what can happen when you keep some paper under hydraulic pressure. You will not get the clear idea what can happen.
This is a video from Finnish couple Lauri and Anni of the Hydraulic Press Channel and their 144-ton hydraulic press crushing a stack of 1,500 sheets of printer paper to the point they explode. For the standard paper test, a full 1,500 sheets was used, and while the huge stack manages to absorb a lot of the pressure, it eventually succumbs to the assault and bursts into countless chunks and shards.

You can see the papers are being crashed but not like the rigid things. As it turns out, this amount of paper is nearly too much for the press, which takes three attempts to crush it to the point of a major explosion. The papers stuck with the hydraulic pressure. It is also noticeable that it creates a little explosion when it slides around by the pressure. The moment is actually impressive.

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