It is not so far from today when the stock energy of the world will come to an end. Man will then find out the alternative way to use the energy. Energy experts are always looking for great ways to save  energy and money. Low energy light bulbs are good energy savers but the light you will get is very low. Some genius are trying to get an effective way to make the project that will give you high voltage electricity using zero energy. 
Here in this video, this guy is showing something very cool. The title free energy light bulb on the video may be a bit optimistic but it is neat none the less and think I know how this thing is working. Here is how he makes the effective project.

This system has made using magnet motor that is used as free energy generator for lighting of bulb. For construction were used two motors, a bulb and a power starter. The guy has shown step by step how to build free energy.  You can also make it at home easily.

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