Fumage is a technique in which an image is created by painting with smoke from a lighted candle into a ground of wet paint. These smoke paintings are produced using large canvases and holding the candle close to the canvas, the charcoal particles in the smoke hit the surface and form marks.
For 55-year-old Canadian artist Steven Spazuk, his medium of choice is fire. Spazuk practices the ancient technique of fumage or using a kerosene lamp or candle to make smoke impressions. Steven has been working with fire since 2001 when the technique came to him in a dream, he says the process is only as dangerous as having a candlelit dinner.

The artist added: “The path the soot takes is as random as the path a fish takes in the water or a bird in the air. You can see the man is holding the kerosene lamp to make the ink on the canvas and he also uses candle for making burn spot on the paper canvas. At the end of the video, you can see a amazing art of a girl's portrait.

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