Lipomas are benign tumors of fat and are also called mass formation. Mass formation or lipomas are benign tumors of fat, harmless but very unaesthetic growths that can occur on the neck, head, armpits or arms at any age. As a rule, appear in only one place in people aged 40 -60 years, but they may also appear in several places and be very unpleasant.
Modern science still is still trying to discover the reason behind the formation, therefore for now lipomas are usually associated with genetics, high cholesterol levels, and obesity. Many people tend to undergo surgeries and harmful drugs in order to get rid of lipomas, but there is a completely natural and harmless alternative that not only removes lipomas but it also prevents them from reoccurring.

There is a most effective home remedies that is a soup recipe that can easily and painlessly get rid of lipomas. The recipe has helped thousands of patients and is extremely quick and easy to prepare. It helped thousands of people to get rid of lipoma, and it is about – a mixture of honey and flour.

Mix the equal amount of flour and honey. Apply a 5-10 mm thick layer directly on the lipoma, and cover it with gauze. Let it stay for about 36 hours. Then, remove the gauze, rinse well the area, and apply another layer of the mixture.  Use it 5 times in a row for a period of 8 days. After this, you will notice the dissolution of adipose tissue. Preferably use honey darker color and whole grain flour.

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