Anyone can be a victim of sexual assault, though women, children and some demographic groups are more frequently victimized than others. Most of this case happens to the women. Sexual assault impacts hundreds of thousands of people each year in the whole world from all ages, genders, races, ethnicities and backgrounds. Ladies are now at danger from rape by contemptible drivers in car. Women are now involving in work place that is out of their home with man. So it has become a common problem for them. The just way this can be stayed away from is to know how to shield yourself and knowing a couple of this tricks can diminish your odds of being a victim.
This video exhibits three essential strangle holds that each lady ought to know when they are in odd situation. During assault in the car, when you are down, first you have to clasp his waist with your two legs and get hold of his neck with your arm. This tricks you can follow in other places where you are in such danger. So watch this video just once that can be helpful for you.

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