There are different religions in this world and they are belief and the religions are full of different ritual and culture. Most of the religious concept believe that after birth a man cannot get the religion automatically.  They have to complete some ritual or tradition for being member of proper religion. It is not clear that these traditions are God given or man made.
Here in this video, you can see babies are getting bath in the water incredibly that is nothing but a matter of danger. New parents in Tbilisi, Georgia queued up to have their children blessed at the Trinity Cathedral in celebration of the Epiphany on January 19.The mass baptism was an invention of Patriarch of all Georgia Ilia II, seen to be one of the most influential men in the country. He came up with the idea to stimulate the country's low birth rate, promising to personally baptist every third child in each family.The patriarch blessed 780 children during the day. He is holding the babies upside down and dipping in the water. You may feel disturbed after watching the video.

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