Wedding dances are like flavors and a wedding ceremony is dull with out floor dance. There are many varieties of this dance and everyone has a favorite. This is a fun thing to do at wedding dances with the theme being a "long, happy marriage." All married couples come to the dance floor to dance to a romantic slow song. Couples who have been married for a day or less to leave the dance floor at first. Finally, the last couple that remains dancing will be the longest married couple in attendance.

When this senior couple come to the dance floor, all the invited guests clapped to welcome them for participation. Jackie McGee and Charlie Womble are an incredible husband and wife couple who have always had a common passion for dancing and they attract the attention by their dancing ballet. They are known all throughout the state of North Carolina and wherever they go because of their dance routine. They snatches the heart of the party.

The shag is a partner dance that is typically performed to Carolina beach music, which is a regional genre of various rock/R&B/pop music of the 50s and 60s and they performs with this song. You have to confess that they are not green in dance. Share their amazing dancing video with your friends and on Facebook.