During the teenage years one of the issues that will come up is when they are obsessed with being cool and popular. It’s an interesting time in human development when our entire lives are based upon feeling the need to be something we’re not. It’s just a matter of the degree to which they will be absorbed by the process. Teens can be busy for their outlook. You may notice that they spend their most of the time in front of mirror.

Beautiful hair is the asset of a girl. After years of maintaining a girl can get beautiful long hair. This teen has also got her long brown hair spending years. This daring teen was ready to “bare it all” by stepping out from the comfort of her super-long hair. She can take this decision for better look that is an extinction of a girl. Without any assistance or consultation from a professional hairdresser, she decided to give herself a new short hairstyle and share the transformation with the world. She becomes nervous thinking that what would be at last. Not only is she totally nervous to begin the process, but she looks totally different at the end.

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